Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wet Blow Job Phone Sex

Yeah yeah, I've heard BJ isn't a top adult blog topic, but I love blow jobs and I enjoy giving wet blow job phone sex on a call. I love sucking my two or three fingers into my mouth letting you hear all the slurpy BJ goodness and how yummy it is especially when I lick my own cunt juices off my fingers just like I would your cock. Go right from my tight cunt back to my mouth and back and forth. I love it hardcore like that. If you've ever had a Morgan wet blow job phone sex call then you already know I love to talk with a mouthful and moan eagerly on your cock while I rub my pussy with my other hand. You know I'm being a cock hungry little slut so you better feed me. I know you want to. I bet my face would look so much prettier with your cock in it.

Don't be shy, you can face fuck me until my beautiful blue eyes water and I'll still be smiling with that big rod in my mouth. I never forget to make good use of my tongue, too. Don't fret. Your wet blow job phone sex call with me will make you plaster my pretty face with cum and I will proudly wear it like I just had my make up professionally done.

Bareback Phone Sex

I know I shouldn't love bareback sex so much. It's very naughty, but nothing feels better than a big cock entering my tight little holes during bareback phone sex without a condom. Without protection... at the beginning I like to say, "No. We should get a condom." But once I'm super horny, wet and caught up in the heat of the moment all I want is your cock inside me. Pumping my sweet pussy with your hard cock and making my legs quiver and shake as I wrap my slender legs around you and dig my heels unto your back pulling you into me deeper and deeper. You can feel my pussy starting to tighten up and squeeze your cock as I cum. I want you to come inside me so bad being so turned on by bareback phone sex in any sort of taboo role-play. I'll almost agree to anything if you make me cum and it's so much easier for me to cum without that pesky condom in the way.

So what do you say? Wanna cum fill Morgan up? Let my pussy milk your cock until you shoot your cum deep, deep inside me.


Accomplice Phone Sex

Some of us have those darker accomplice phone sex fantasies and today while I was out I met a super peppy and spunky little thing. She loved my outfit and was practically gushing when I told her she could have this charm bracelet I was wearing. It was small and cheap and I was tired of it anyway. She seemed to look up to me. I smiled a sweet Morgan smile and I thought, what a perfect little play thing I could take with me and tote around back to you. I look sweet, innocent and just like the girl-next-door. They look up to me. Here's my chance to prove I'm not so innocent with some deviant accomplice play phone sex. I bet you never thought you'd see the day that a sweetheart like me would be interested in role-playing something so horrific and dirty. It is and I want to drag you into it with me. I'm NOT your accomplice. You're mine and I want to make you do all sorts of filthy things for me. Innocence corrupted, stolen, and tossed away. I'm very good at what I do and besides. Who could ever suspect me as being more than the nice girl next door? We wouldn't even need one of those boring and cliché candy vans. I prefer a tinted windowed SUV. Cages would fit nicely in the back or rope would do the job; even bondage tape. Promises of puppies, sweets, and frilly fun games and things with an older girl they look up to. Only to find out my games are much darker than their small minds could ever wrap around. Interested in the darker side of Morgan? Get ready for some accomplice phone sex playing. The darker the fantasies.... the more inspired I become.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I fucking scream when you make me cum!

When you call, I think you broke the record. I came 6 times in 20 minutes... of course afterwards I needed a shower. I have cum spots all over my sheets. It was such a wild time. It's cold here and you heated me right up. I want your big cock so bad, I was thinking of getting a dildo to match your cock size so I could feel like you I really there and suck it just like I would suck your cock and fuck my pussy and ass just as hard as you would and cum even more....

I added the dildo to my wishlist... do you think it's as hot as your cock or at least close enough?

My vibrator on my clit as your tongue at the same time as the dildo in my pussy or ass as your cock... omg heaven....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Phone Sex Call

He snuck into my suitcase while I was on vacation! How dare he! I caught him wearing a pair of stockings I borrowed from my friend. I quickly snapped photos of him with my cell phone (keep it handy to have hot phone sex at anytime). He saw me and instantly froze like a deer in headlights. He had no idea what was in store for him! I was beyond pissed! He put a run in my stockings and I needed to give a pair back to my friend... what could I possibly tell her? A strange man snuck into our hotel room and rummaged through our underwear? It didn't matter, because as soon as I began to have my "way" with him by making him make dolphin sounds and singing "I'm a Barbie Girl" - I certainly put him in a barbie world... with his "lips" wrapped around plastic... a plastic sex toy I brought along for the trip.

***A good song just came on the playlist! I'll write more later... in the mean time, call me for some kinky phone sex of any kind!

1-888-402-8669 ask for Morgan

Saturday, January 22, 2011

blowjob phone sex

I have an oral fixation. Can you help me with that? Listen to me slurrrrrp and lick on my dildo... Gosh, I wish it was your thick cock! Pumping my pretty face good and deep. I love nasty BJ phone sex, so let the face fucking begin! I like my other holes plowed, too. hehe Stuff me in all my holes... ANYTHING GOES! NO LIMITS! Let's have fun!

1-888-402-8669 ask for MORGAN! Let's have kinky taboo fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lonely Girl Phone Sex

We all get lonely right? I think I've been lonley for a little while. I just couldn't tell because I'd be working on school work, hanging out with my girfrleinds, family holidays, etc. Stuff that keeps you busy. I guess I want a guy to have fun with! To get to know, get naughty with, explore with, talk to, hear about his day and what he's doing. Learn about someone. I love sex... I need a man who appreciates sex as much as I do, but also maybe cares if I have an orgasm or two? heh Even if I don't cum, I can masturbate afterwards like I often do. I usually leave my vibrator right underneath one of my pillows. I think I need a new vibrator, though. This one might be worn out, even though I do change the batteries, it has slowed down a little.

I think even when we're in a relationship, we get lonely. So call me if you're having a lonely night and you want to get naughty phone sex style, or just talk to someone sweet. I am definitely both!

Morgan 4 GFE phone sex tonight! hehe